Membership Dues & FAQ

Woodworkers in Paradise accepts Cash, Checks, or Credit Cards. Please make checks payable to: Woodworkers in Paradise 

Annual dues of $60 per year (non-refundable) run July 1st to June 30th. Dues are prorated based on the quarter joined.

WIP Club Dues (January 1 - June 30)


Pay now

Although personal use of payment apps like Venmo or Zelle are free, business accounts pay percentage and transaction fees higher than our credit card fees. Woodworkers in Paradise will only accept payments via credit card, check, or cash.

Woodworkers in Paradise is a Not for Profit Charter Club of Latitude Margaritaville. Woodworkers in Paradise and The Hangar Workshop do not receive funding from Minto or our Latitude Margaritaville HOA. The Club is run and maintained by volunteers, who do not receive compensation. Dues are used to maintain equipment, replace consumables (glue, sandpaper, bits, saw blades, etc.) and purchase supplies for project classes.

Woodworkers in Paradise will prorate your dues based on the quarter joined.

July 1st through June 30th = $60

October 1st through June 30th = $45

January 1st through June 30th = $30

April 1st through June 30th = $15

Please use the Contact Us form and submit a General question to let us know. We'll arrange to meet you to collect your payment.

No. Although we are not accepting monthly memberships, we do prorate our dues by the quarter you join.