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Since 2023

Stack is an amazing Barbershop located in the Brooklyn.


Membership in Woodworkers in Paradise shall be open to all Latitude at Hilton Head Association members in good standing without discrimination including but not limited to, as to race, religion, color, ethnic culture, or national heritage. There shall be no precondition for membership. 

Annual Membership dues of $60.00 per Member, run July 1st, through June 30th of each year.
Please see Membership guidelines below.
To become a Member of Woodworkers in Paradise please download and complete the two forms below. Email the completed forms or drop them off at The Hangar Workshop when we are open.

WaiverMembership Agreement

Making You Look Good
Is In Our Haritage.

Membership Guidelines

Membership in the club permits access to The Hangar Workshop woodworking facility, based upon participation in orientation sessions, scheduling and occupancy guidelines. 

Orientation sessions will be broken up into Modules for specific topics, for example: Module A: General Safety, Module B: Hand Tools, Table Saw, Chop Saw, Drill Press, Sander, Module C: Joiner Planer, Surface Planer, Band Saw, Module D: Scroll Saw, Router, Router Table, Module E: Wood Lathe, Module F: Golf Cart Tools, and Equipment

Membership in Woodworkers in Paradise and use of the Hangar Workshop is intended for the hobbyist and is not meant for production use of goods for eventual sale.

Each Member is required to sign a Membership Agreement, a Waiver and and attend orientation sessions, prior to operating any of the equipment in the Hangar Workshop.

Member access to the Workshop is scheduled via the Workshop calendar. Time is allocated in two (2) hour sessions with no more than three (3) consecutive sessions being scheduled per day.

Members are responsible for providing their own Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Members are responsible for repair or replacement of any equipment or tool that is damaged from unsafe practices, misuse, or neglect.

Member use of the Workshop and equipment is at will and that THE MEMBER  IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN SAFETY!


Meet Our Barbers

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call us: +1-438-861-0045

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