Calendar Guidelines & FAQ

Woodworkers in Paradise request that any time required in the Hangar Workshop is scheduled through our Shop Calendar. 

Our Calendar is also used by our Mentors to volunteer their time so the Workshop can open. Our Club by-laws dictate that we must have at least 1 Mentor in the Workshop per every 5 Members using any of the equipment or tools in the shop. Due to the limited space available in the Workshop we are capping the number of Members using the shop at any one time to a maximum of 5.

Our Mentors will create an Event on the Shop Calendar which indicates that the Workshop will be open at that time. Members will then be able to “book” that event and use the Workshop. Events are booked in two-hour increments, no more than 3 consecutive events (6 hours in the Workshop) per day.

Orientation sessions as well as Project Sessions will be able to be booked through the Shop Calendar.

  1. Login to our website with your Member Name and Password.
  2. From the Main Menu “Calendar” dropdown Select “Shop Calendar”.
  3. View the Shop Calendar to see upcoming Events.
  4. Click the Event you would like to attend.
  5. Select “+ Book This Event!”.
  6. Print or Download your Booking as desired via the buttons on the Booking Form.
  7. Click “> Confirm Booking” to reserve this Event.

Operating time for the Workshop is based on the availability of our volunteers. If you do not see an event for the time you want, please use the Contact Us form to request your desired time and the item or task you want to work on. Woodworkers in Paradise will do our best to accommodate you.

You will only be able to book time in the Workshop after you have attended an Orientation Session.

Although anyone can view the Shop Calendar, you must be a Member of the Woodworkers in Paradise Charter Club and have attended an Orientation session to book time in the Workshop.